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Onsite X-Ray Services Questions and Answers

Pine Knob Urgent Care provides onsite X-ray services done by our technologists for injuries such as bone breaks and others in Clarkston, MI. For more information, please call us or simply walk-in!

Onsite X-Ray Services Near Me in Clarkston, MI
Onsite X-Ray Services Near Me in Clarkston, MI

At Pine Knob Urgent Care, we can provide advanced diagnostic services with X-rays, and these services are available onsite, which helps us diagnose many health conditions without having to refer patients to specialists. You can come see us for X-rays for a minor injury or illness, and you don’t have to make an appointment first. Come by today for any of our services or keep reading to learn more about our X-ray services in Clarkston, MI.

Do urgent care clinics provide onsite diagnostics and X-rays?

Most urgent care clinics have onsite diagnostic X-ray machines. And since most urgent care clinics offer walk-in service, you can get these diagnostics on a walk-in basis. This is why urgent care is the best choice for minor injuries and illnesses that need X-Ray diagnostic services!

When do I need to go to the ER for an X-ray?

Some injuries and illnesses require X-rays, but if an injury or illness is or could be life-threatening, it’s necessary to go to the ER (emergency room). The following are some life-threatening or potentially life-threatening injuries and illnesses that may require X-rays and care at the ER:

  • Major concussions
  • Major/compound fractures
  • Sprains that have completely torn ligaments or ligaments that have separated from a bone

There may be other injuries and illnesses that require X-rays and care at the ER. However, if an injury or illness is non-life-threatening, then it’s best to go to urgent care for X-rays and care. For example, you can go to urgent care for a minor concussion, simple fracture, or minor sprain. Urgent care can see you right away with no appointment necessary.

What kinds of medical conditions can X-rays diagnose?

X-ray imaging produces pictures of the inside of the body, and these pictures can help medical professionals diagnose broken bones and many other health issues. For example, chest X-rays can help diagnose pneumonia, or a mammogram can help diagnose breast cancer.

In fact, there are a lot of different medical conditions X-rays can help diagnose, including broken bones, dislocations, lung cancer, breast cancer, pneumonia, emphysema, arthritis, osteoporosis, and even heart failure. Additionally, X-rays can help detect foreign objects like metal fragments.

Are X-rays the same as radiology?

“Radiology” refers to imaging scans that help medical professionals diagnose medical conditions. Some of these scans, such as X-rays, involve low doses of radiation which helps create highly detailed images.

Where can I get X-ray services in Clarkston, MI?

You can get X-ray services right here at Pine Knob Urgent Care. Our clinic is located at 6310 Sashabaw Rd, Suite C, Clarkston MI. We’re equipped with a state-of-the-art digital X-ray machine, and we have registered X-ray technologists on-staff. All of our X-rays are interpreted at the time of service, and a secondary interpretation is performed by a radiologist. No appointment is necessary.

Come by our clinic today for an X-ray on the spot or bring in a loved one for an X-ray. We serve patients of all ages here at Pine Knob Urgent Care. We look forward to your visit! We serve patients from Clarkston MI, Waterford Twp MI, Oxford MI, Ortonville MI, Lake Orion MI, Pontiac MI, Springfield Township MI and Auburn Hills MI.